Welcome to Cinco C’s Alpacas

Welcome to Cinco C’s Alpacas in beautiful Potter County (God’s Country), Pennsylvania.  Cinco C’s Alpacas was established in 2002 as a new venture on the family farm. So we have entered our 17th year in this wonderful industry and are as excited about our herd as we were when we purchased our first alpacas. Currently our herd consists of around 80 alpacas, many of them Champions and many of them are for sale.  With a herd of this size and new ones arriving regularly, many are never listed on our website.

We are extremely proud of our herd which represents the entire alpaca color spectrum and many of the top bloodlines in the country. Our breeding focus is on improving black and grey alpacas who are healthy and provide fleeces for both commercial and cottage use.  Every breeding and every addition to our herd is carefully considered with improvement in mind. Our National Champion and ribbon winning herdsires and solid foundation females are the basis for our successful breeding program. Careful decisions have made it possible for us to be able to offer alpacas to benefit both new and established farms.


2017 brought some significant changes to our lives.  We are thrilled to be grandparents to a beautiful grandson who lives next door.  We sold Chris’ practice that we built for 39 years.  We can’t imagine our lives without alpacas, but we would like fewer so that we can devote more time to our grandson and travel more.  We have decided to sell the majority of our females in order to allow us a bit more time.  Prices on all the alpacas have been reduced.   If you see something you are interested in, please call regarding availability and current price.   The best part of this is that we will still have alpacas, including some great herdsires so we can continue to offer you our usual guarantees.

Visit us or call soon for the best availability.

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